Information about the ecoQ DryAir 9L steady


The ecoQ DryAir 9L steady model is a so-called adsorption dehumidifier. It dehumidifies the room air by a rotating wheel made of zeolite desiccant sucking up the moisture from the air. Inside the unit, the spinning wheel is then spot-heated to drive the moisture out of the zeolite desiccant, causing water to collect in the reservoir.


Odour from the dehumidifier


When you put the ecoQ DryAir 9L steady into operation for the first time and also afterwards, you may notice an odour coming from the dehumidifier. This does not have to happen, but it can.


The odour is caused by the zeolite desiccant inside the ecoQ DryAir 9L steady mixing with odours and chemicals in your household's indoor air. It does not mean that the dehumidifier is defective. The noticeable odour is completely harmless to the health of people and pets.


The odour occurs because the zeolite desiccant can absorb odours from the air, for example from cigarettes, cosmetics, hairsprays, building materials and new furniture.


These odours and chemicals in the room air mix with the zeolite desiccant in the ecoQ DryAir 9L steady. When the desiccant is then heated during operation of the unit, the new odour is released into the room. It typically smells burnt or sour. This is normal, does not last long and is not a sign of a defect.

As a countermeasure, you can operate the dehumidifier for 24 hours in a separate room, such as a garage, or outdoors in dry weather, e.g. on the balcony or terrace.